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Audiobook Review: My Passive Income Blueprint

A scalding review of an audiobook that is nothing more than a ploy to make money.

The Fortune Book Club Audiobook Review: My Passive Income Blueprint


Title: My Passive Income Blueprint
Author: Passive Income
Narrated By: Ross Pipkin
Release date: 9 Mar. 2020
Run Time: 3 hours 24 minutes
Rating: 1/5


Advertised as the answer for those who want to start earning a passive income from their own home and while they sleep. The audiobook will teach you what passive income is and how to get started, as well as mention 50 business ideas to get you started.


I’ve been interested in developing a passive income for the last couple years and since I had a token for an Audible audiobook, I decided to try out My Passive Income Blueprint. I’m glad I did, just so that I can warn others to stay away from this second-rate and poorly produced audiobook.

The first warning sign for the audiobook was a lack of a traceable author. Instead of being accredited to a figure, the audiobook is instead hidden behind a company titled ‘Passive Income’. Clearly no-one was brave enough to put their name to the shambles that they had created.

Another sign of note was the run time of the audiobook. My Passive Income Blueprint has an advertised length of 3 hours and 24 minutes which is bit on the short side compared to others that sit between 5 and 10 hours. While this doesn’t necessarily infer merit (quality over quantity after all), it did suggest something was amiss.

However, it’s not until you get into the audiobook that you start to understand just how shoddy it really is. It’s a marvel that it is currently rated five stars from over 400 reviews and this most likely suggests paid for reviews – a clear abuse of the terms and conditions and yet another warning sign for potential customers.

You don’t have to listen long to My Passive Income Blueprint before you encounter the first mistake in narration and a sentence that doesn’t quite make sense. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-off mistake and the audio is riddled with lines that appear to be directly read from an erroneous transcript.

Moreover, the audiobook appears to have been made without the use of editing or proof listening. Starts to chapters or points are occasionally repeated as if the narrator was attempting multiple takes. This demonstrates a clear lack of professionalism and suggests the author holds no regard to the work they have created.

Furthermore, the main content of the audiobook – the list of 50 business ideas – appears to be the results of a quick online search. Not only are the ideas mostly common sense, they have repeated themes and are in no way structured or ordered. For example of the list of 50 ideas, roughly 10% are related to affiliate marketing and are scattered throughout the list. It would have made more sense to merge them into one larger suggestion that would demonstrate knowledge and enhance the author’s credibility.

That said, there were one or two ideas that were a bit more niche and perhaps slightly interesting. However, these were overshadowed by the nature of the bulk of the suggestions that were sometimes simply laughable. Suggestions such as filling out online surveys, refinancing your mortgage or starting online consultancy, which are in no way in relation to passive income suggests the author was clutching at straws.

One area that suggested the audiobook was at one point well thought through though, was its structure. Each idea (however irrelevant it may have been) was first introduced and explained before the author gave their ‘top tips’ and answered any ‘frequently asked questions’. This structure was apt and perhaps novel to the audiobook’s content, but was unfortunately let down by the quality of the ideas themselves.

The final nail in the coffin for My Passive Income Blueprint was its actual length. Although advertised at 3 hours and 24 minutes, the ‘useful’ audio in fact only runs for 2 hours 30 minutes because the author had the audacity to dedicate the last 50 minutes or so to previewing their other work and calling it ‘bonus content’.

To conclude, while My Passive Income Blueprint had an adequate and somewhat planned structure, a total disregard to professionalism and quality content resulted in a poor final outcome. The audiobook can only be described as a ploy to make money by scamming and tricking customers into purchasing the equivalent of an hours research. It’s impossible to consider the audiobook as anything near a best-seller and it should be avoided at all costs. 1/5

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By Jake Doran

Masters in Advanced Computer Science student at Keele University, interested in all things tech and business, with aspirations to undertake an MBA in the future.

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